On Kissing

To be kissed is divine. Make sure at night to apply to your face lots of expensive anti-aging, fine-line reducing, serum-infused, shea butter facial creams. This will guarantee a face "car-wash" of kisses from a puppy. Our almost 2 year old English Mastiff, named "Kona", loves to see me first-thing every morning and car-wash my face. Then after breakfast and a good amount of water-drinking, she comes directly to me with gowels drooling, to kiss the rest of the beauty creams off my face. I love it. I'm convinced it prevents fine-lines and wrinkles better than the most expensive anti-aging product out there.

But you know who beats Kona at good kisses? My husband, Jack. Sure we have awesome tongue-in-mouth-french-I'm-so-"ready"-kisses, but he has the sweetest and most tender kisses for the most loving of times. But, my most favorite are his morning kisses: while I am still asleep, he kisses all over my face all the while truly admiring me.

A kiss. The basic. The sloppy. The sweetest. All make the world much more Twinkly.

As always, Look with Intention. XO, Tiny Twinkly Lights

Kona kissing my Jacky


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