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On Kissing

To be kissed is divine. Make sure at night to apply to your face lots of expensive anti-aging, fine-line reducing, serum-infused, shea butter facial creams. This will guarantee a face "car-wash" of kisses from a puppy. Our almost 2 year old English Mastiff, named "Kona", loves to see me first-thing every morning and car-wash my face. Then after breakfast and a good amount of water-drinking, she comes directly to me with gowels drooling, to kiss the rest of the beauty creams off my face. I love it. I'm convinced it prevents fine-lines and wrinkles better than the most expensive anti-aging product out there.

But you know who beats Kona at good kisses? My husband, Jack. Sure we have awesome tongue-in-mouth-french-I'm-so-"ready"-kisses, but he has the sweetest and most tender kisses for the most loving of times. But, my most favorite are his morning kisses: while I am still asleep, he kisses all over my face all the while truly admiring me.

A kiss. The basic. The sloppy. The sweetest. All make the world much more Twinkly.

As always, Look with Intention. XO, Tiny Twinkly Lights

English Mastiff, Dog Lover, Best Husband
Kona kissing my Jacky


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