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Is a hello something that we never really missed and now we are finding it again?

I haven't posted a blog in 3 months. Tonight the Lord put it on my heart to say "Hello" to you guys and so I shall blog and it is feeling great to do so.

Recently, "Hello"s have been flying all throughout the Internet since the Coronavirus pandemic has entered our International community and we are practicing social-distancing.

Our Hellos are broadcasted through Facebook live, Facebook stories, Instagram, Instagram stories, YouTube videos. They are in the form of Italians singing from their windows which have been lifting our spirits here in America, they are in the form of virtual fitness classes, they are in the form of humor, as well as in the form of people keeping in touch with people.

In the past, social media had always been a double-edged sword, causing us to not know how interact on a human level anymore. Isolation & loneliness were on the rise in society as social media started to take over our personal time.

But now...

Social media is bringing us together again.

It seems that in the exact same way social media had taken away our need to say Hello to our neighbors, it is now an essential tool that is helping us say Hello to our neighbors... both near and far.

Fears and anxiety melt away some when we get to reach out and say "Hello"...a virtual hand to hold and that is something beautiful.

Oftentimes, saying "Hello" virtually seems easier that doing it in person. There is a safe distance, a safe boundary... so it may not be as healthy as a "real" old-fashioned interpersonal interaction; but it is working to ease our loneliness and isolation so I'll take it.

So thank you to Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Systrom, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, & Jawed Karim (founders of Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube respectively) for helping us keep in touch as a Community especially in times like this.

And to my wonderful subscribers.... Hello. You will always have my virtual hand to hold.

As always, Look with Intention.

XO, Jen


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