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In the social media world of promoting self, I have had the good fortune to be taught to do the same for others.

Amazingly I have had more than one selfless Social Media Mentor and these are some of the awesome advice they have given me:

“Everyone has an audience. So there is no need to compete with others.“-Bri Jackson, Blogger “A Little Piece of Bri Elise”

”Find out what people’s definition of success is, and then help them achieve it“-Callie Cummings, Best-selling author of “The Bold Maneuver”

It is super magical and so much more fulfilling in this world of social media to build other people up instead of worrying about whether or not I have more people following me on Instagram than the number of people I am following or making sure that I gain new subscribers everyday on YouTube.

As Bri Jackson so wisely taught me: everyone has an audience. So no need to keep success secrets to yourself. And she lives this out.. happily sharing her knowledge in what works to build a successful online social media presence.

I love seeing how authenticity is the best YOU you have to share with the world. Only you can be you!

I have met so many amazing and wonderful new friends through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and am blessed by this online Community.

I will continue to Like, Subscribe, Follow, and reTweet as many of my fellow humans as I can. I can’t wait to read your blogs and watch your videos!

So, in a social media world often filled with critical negative comments... let’s work to soften it with good.

As always Look with Intention

XO, Jen


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