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In The Storms

Storms are inevitable. The winds and the destruction can seem merciless and relentless, often affecting the animals and the people that are the most vulnerable; the ones that most need some sort of a break in the bleakness and unfortunate circumstances of their lives.

My life has been void of storms. I have not had to go to bed hungry. I have not had to endure the death of a child. I have not had to wonder where I will live or sleep at night.

There is nothing special about me or why I have been spared from these trials.

In fact, this drastic contrast with other's tragic lives has always made me realize the utter randomness of chance/fate of what kind of life one is destined to experience.

Some call it fate. Some call it luck. Some call it destiny.

Yet, we make up the entire world and we all impact each other.

So, if our Storms in life are so different, how are we all one in this world where each action or word we choose affects this universe and everyone else in it.

snoqualmie falls,washington,
Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

"Your presence does make an impact here"--Snoqualmie Falls

In my considerably small trials in my life, there has always been a BREATH. Someone or something or someplace that gave me that little BREATH in my "storm". And for those moments of grace, I have been eternally grateful to those persons or things.

But what about the others who have truly crushing and unrelenting storms in their life? I wonder how they continue on.

I have always marveled at the strength of the human spirit as well as the strength of the spirit of an animal to live. This will to survive, must originate from something. Something that living beings are born with.

My thoughts always end up with the fact that there is indeed something, something inside of our souls, something innately REAL, that tells each living being that since we exist... we must be worth something to Someone.

Even under parental abuse/neglect, a child has a will to live. Even when animal is abused or neglected, it has a will to live. Even when an insect senses danger, it scurries away, hiding for survival.

Why does this occur?

Every living object, whether it be human, animal, plant, insect, knows inherently that there is a "higher being". Something that created them and made that will in their souls to survive. Furthermore, proof that there is a "higher being" comes quickly with the many questions about life that we cannot answer or explain within the realms of human reasoning.

Our Pastor, Dr. Doyle Sager, said it most aptly, "Do we really want to serve a God that we can understand?" I, for one, do not.

So, looking at Storms and the strength of the will to survive in all living objects for me, always reflects my innate knowledge that God created each living thing for a purpose under Heaven. AND,

Even if I don't believe in a God, He still exists, has always existed, and is always going to exist

... whether I believe in Him or not.

For that, I am eternally grateful and the Storms in life are there to remind me of this beautiful Truth.

As always Look with Intention

XO, Jen


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2 comentarios

Jennifer Su Lucio
Jennifer Su Lucio
26 jul 2019

Beautifully stated. I don’t understand either.

Me gusta

26 jul 2019

I ponder this. God loves the hungry, neglected child just as much as He loves me. How is it our lives are so different?

Me gusta
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