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My VLOG camera automatically focuses.

If I move out of the visual field, then the camera automatically focuses on whatever is in direct view until I come back.

But sometimes, it takes a while for the camera to focus on my face again as does the automatic adjustment for brightness.

When life becomes full of responsibilties, it is easy to feel that your mind is juggling them and darting here and there.

That is when auto-focus is needed.

And when we do see the object that we need to see, it is in focus. We just need to make sure it is the object we need to see.

tiny lights
Photo credit: Bri Jackson

Our mind needs to be a camera that is always focused on what we really need to focusing on.

It is not always easy to do.

Sometimes the focus is obvious and easy as when we are standing in front of our future spouse exchanging wedding vows with all our intentions.

Other times, the focus is not as easy and our mind cannot seem to focus on one object, so instead all is blurry.

Find a way to bring focus on what your are intended to focus on. Some people use prayer, some use meditation, some use famous quotes, or inspirational passages.

When your mind becomes focused, life becomes so simple and light. The rest doesn't need to be in focus as long as your focus is on the correct object. The rest will always be blurry and sometimes that is a blessing.

It is OK to make a mistake and have your focus be "off". None of us are perfect. Just charge up your "camera" lens and really listen to whatever guides you. For without a guide, we will be doggedly darting back and forth trying to make EVERYTHING be in focus.

No, just rest. As a famous Chinese saying says, "When a boat gets to the head of a bridge, it will naturally straighten itself out."(Wiktionary)

So, arise each morning and calm your mind. Set your intentions for the day and do your best.

The rest will be blurry... for a reason.

As always, Look with Intention.

XO, Jen


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