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Faux Fear

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Faux fur. Faux leather.... Faux fear.., but is it really?

Wait what?

My book of "Things I Fear" grows every week; sometimes everyday. So Fear doesn't seem at all to be the least bit Faux or Fake to me.

As Google so aptly put it: "Our lives are build in moments called "Micromoments". How many of these important Micromoments are driven by fear or avoidance of fear.

Fear drives us in everything. Fear can be an ally or it can be an enemy. Fear keeps us safe: we drive the speed limit and obey traffic laws because we fear losing our drivers licenses.

My fear of heights keeps me safe...but also prevents me from seeing some breathtaking and beautiful sights.

ABOUT one month ago, I followed this principle:

Jack and I on a (very high) gondola in Banff, Canada 10/2018

"What is ONE thing I can do, such that by doing it, will make everything else easier for me to be the best me?"(Christy Davies, RN, founder of

So what was that ONE thing that I did a month ago?...

I learned to be me..really be me; being open with all that I am, both the good and the bad. Out of this, my blog, "Tiny Twinkly Lights," was born and this blog has totally been my passion ever since.

So really, "Nothing is impossible with God"(Luke 1:37), because a month ago, I was the person that didn't even know how to even find a blog to read even if I wanted to read it.

In our lives, the good is always shown to everyone. The bad not-so-much. But if we (as my Pastor Doyle Sager, First Baptist Church, Jefferson City has always said in his sermons) put down our Faux Good Looks and we chose to be ourselves, then, we all can connect. This sense of connection is something that the people in this world are hungering for everyday.

My "bad" was that I purchase designer bags that cost more than some people make in one year or while others in our country and around the world are starving for food or living in cars.

It is not something I am proud of; yet, it is how I was crafted when I was conceived in my mother's womb. And Hallelujah...God makes no mistakes. God truly turns everything into good to work for His good will and plans:

"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."(Romans 8:28).

That moment just before I clicked the "Publish" button on my MacBook Pro to publish to the world my blog "Tiny Twinkly Lights", I felt tremenous Fear. Fear of rejection by others because I let them down, fear of loss of patients' respect for me, fear of backlash...but all these were Faux Fears and since they were Faux, they quickly and cowardly retreated away into the distance never be seen again. In their place, loving waves of overwhelming peace rolled in and energized my soul.

In courageously facing my Faux Fears like this, I ended up finding a treasure worth much more than anything on this earth... it is the blessed realization that humans are amazingly gracious and my patients are just as understanding. No one judged me or looked down on me. To this day, I have yet to receive any hate mail or critical comments.

The Hermitage Hotel, Nashville, TN 1/2019

What I discovered was a Love that people have and a Grace that people give which both totally and completely free and undeserved.

This Love & Grace overpowers Faux Fear.

Fear no longer traps me or shames me by their faux lies that people would be mean to me and would be disappointed in me.

Nothing could be further from that faux lie.

It seems that Good Fears are innate safety measures in our minds that God created in us to protect us.. as well as to respect Him; if I Fear Him, this does not mean that I am scared of Him; quite the opposite; I am in awe of His Holiness and His Great Love for me.

On the flip-side, false fear is a faux fear that we create in our own minds which is not something God created.

Faux fear is not good. It is what is keeping us from connecting in society. So without delay, ask the Lord to guide you in seeing which of your fears are really just Faux Fears. Don't waste anymore time. Life is meant to be these "Micromoments" of absolutely priceless and breathtakingly beautiful Connections with others.

Yoga class. Summer 2018

Thank you for dropping by and if you haven't subscribed, please do so. I appreciate it.

As always, Look with Intention for those Tiny Twinkly Lights

XO, Jen


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