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Being a Child

Does being a child mean that I have to have a child's mind?

As Aish Warya said, "Having a child's heart and a mature mind can make life look like an easy game."

What makes us have a child's heart? Is it something that comes more naturally to some of us to have and thus are described as being "young at heart": And then, is the opposite of this a person who is described as being an "old soul"?

Jefferson City, Missouri, Tree-lined sidewalks
Chatting with a window painter along the streets of our hometown

Some of us are indeed more lighthearted or child-like than others.

But all of us, can indeed live life joyfully, playing and skipping though the harsh realities of this life...yes, we each have a personal be a child...a child of God.

Yes, I am sounding religious, but it is so very real to me that I need to share what I just realized about this in the past week.

Long ago, when I was 9 years of age, I decided that I wanted Jesus to come into my heart, for Him to take up residence in my heart as my Lord & my Savior, because I knew that that was the only way I could have eternal life after I died. Through the next 40 years of my life to today, I have never regretted that decision.

Once I made that decision at the age of 9, I immediately became a child of God, a child of the King..on no merit of my own; in fact He fiercely sought me out when I was lost, dirty, sinful, unclean, and unworthy. He wanted to have a RELATIONSHIP with me!

I've always sung hymns about being a child of God. I've read Bible verses about this as well.

But what I realized this past week was that I TRULY AM a child; child that has a Heavenly Father God protecting me, guiding me, and strengthening me.

You see, there are many things that our children will never realize we protected them from. They couldn't see the fish bone that you expertly picked from their meal before they gobbled it down. They never saw the two or three extra jobs that you worked so that they could have the band equipment they needed. They never knew it was going to rain later that morning, so that is why you sent them to school with their raincoat.

My life as His child has been like that. God has protected me in countless ways that I will never know. The few that I have been aware of though, have made me trust in Him all the more as I get older.

So being a child of God to me has a much more clearer meaning. It means much more than "fire insurance".

WAY more.. it means that I can play as a child in my heart even though my mind has become wiser with age.

So I skip, I play, I laugh, I cry...because my Father WILL never leave me and nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate me from His presence or His love. How beautiful it feels.

Thank you for letting me share this.

Greenway, Jefferson City, Missouri
(Photo credit: Lj Johnson) Jefferson City, Missouri

As always, Look with Intention

XO, Jen


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