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Studying under Andrew Weil for two years at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (the founder of the anti-inflammatory diet and Integrative Medicine) introduced me to the concept of using food as medicine.

Any patients of mine & nurses I used to work with from the past 20 years of my private medical practice will tell you how much junk food and candy I used to eat: 3 snickers bars a day (who are we kidding,..more like in one hour), 12 donuts in a morning, family size bag BBQ Lays chips.

I ran across Sakara Life on Facebook and basically only paid attention to their ads because I noticed the two pretty women (the founders, Whitney & Danielle) that I would see on the ads, and basically wanted to look like them: lean, healthy, and organic, but never ordered from Sakara Life due to the cost.

My husband at the time (and still does) was meal prepping for me every Sunday and packaging the meals up for me to keep me from eating the junk food during my hectic day as a physician. But I would commonly “burn out” after eating the same meals for about 6 months and he was quickly running out of ideas for me with healthy, palatable food.

So we decided to order it and when I saw the meals, I thought, “Ewww.” I don’t know what this is and I don’t think it looks tasty at all.”, but I would take the first bite and be pleasantly surprised EVERY time. And in fact, I felt better, my mind worked better, and my body worked better (teaching Zumba class was easier and I was more agile and even LOOKED prettier pretty much that same day—not kidding).

Sakara Life even include free Sakara Life Detox tea bags and Sakara Life Probiotics in my weekly subscription box and those made me look super pretty too!

I was hooked, but the cost was too much, so I would wait for their special sales (like for Black Friday, etc.) and I also went from ordering for 5 days to just a 2-day a week plan and found that each meal was generous in portion size to last me for two meals!

I’m just saying, just give it one try…you get a 20% discount if you are NEW to Sakara Life by using my code: XOWHOLEHEALTHJC

It’s going to look gross, but trust me…once it hits your mouth it tastes SO GOOD!

I am a believer in Sakara Life being a lifestyle: I am more conscious about life, my breath, how my actions do affect others, and regularly meditate by doing hot yoga.

So if I can go from hopping from gas station to gas station in search of at least 2 decent hot dogs rolling on their little hot dog warmers….to now eating Sakara Life AND getting benefits while enjoying the taste (JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES) can you.

(Sharing my special 20% discount code for 1st time (NEW clients to Sakara) (my discount code: XOWHOLEHEALTHJC) for you to try it is truly something remarkable that I get to share with you & that I hope you consider using)

With all sincerity,

Jennifer Su, MD, FACOG

Private practice Board-Certified OB/GYN since 1999 and loving every minute of it

Integrative Medicine Gynecologist since 2019 and a much better physician for my patients because of it


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